Ever wonder why gods keep demanding that you believe in them? It’s simple–if no one believes in them, they stop existing.

Think about it. Baal doesn’t exist any more, does he? That’s ’cause no one goes around worshiping him any more. Same with Thor and Zeus. Oh sure, people tell the old myth stories, but that’s all they are…stories.Nobody actually worships them these days.A god without worshipers gets sent to a special limbo. It’s sad to think of, really, like a one-time wealthy industrialist sitting on the curb with a begging bowl, stopping people and asking for spare change. “Please believe in me. I’ve got all these hungry seraphim to feed.”

Unlike other gods, Polly knows DesCartes’ argument. She exists because she believes in herself. She doesn’t whine for other peoples’ belief. Whenever someone tries to tell you that you must believe in their god, say, “Why? Doesn’t he believe in himself?”

You know you exist, so you don’t need god. But god needs you to save him from a fate worse than death: Nonexistence.

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