When we go out on a date with someone we want to impress, we usually go through various rituals to make sure our date will like us. We shower or fix our hair or brush our teeth or gargle. We want to make a good impression.

But with Jesus, you don’t have to bother. Why not? Because “Jesus loves you.” It’s on all his posters, in all his ads. No need to dress up. No need to go to church or pray or do any of that stuff. Why waste your time and energy? Jesus has no standards. He doesn’t even care if you behave yourself. You can rob a bank or murder your boss, he doesn’t care. He’s so desperate for followers, he’ll take anybody.

It’s just like it was in high school. The girls with self-respect have at least minimal expectations. Their date must look and smell presentable, and should make an effort to ensure they both have a good time.

Then there’s the sad ones with no self-respect. The guy can call them up at the last minute and expect them to be ready. He can be unwashed, ungroomed, wearing old clothes, take her to some cheap fast-food place (if he takes her anywhere at all; maybe he even expects her to pay). She’s always available, day or night. She’s at his disposal no matter what he does, because she loves him.

Polly has standards. She doesn’t condemn people for being what they are, but she doesn’t go out of her way for them. She’s willing to be friends with anyone who’ll make an effort to be friends with her–but there has to be respect on both sides. She knows that’s the only way a real relationship can work.

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