Sunday, March 1 Is Hug-An-Atheist Day

I don’t know who made the declaration, but it’s definitely a Good Thing. Polly is fully supportive of hugs. They’re one of the greatest anti-entropy tools around

But she doesn’t limit it to a single day. As far as she (and I) are concerned, every day is hug a PollyTheist day. That’s one of the great things about PollyTheism–it doesn’t set any arbitrary limits on you. (You can make your own holidays, too. But if your boss isn’t a PollyTheist, he might not accept them as an excuse not to show up for work.)

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More Reasons Why Polly Is Better Than All Other Gods Put Together

Other Gods Demand You Do Strange Things

Some gods want you to gather in groups with people you don’t know, or even particularly like. Some gods want you to commit acts of pyromania by lighting candles or other things. Some gods want you to carry rugs around so you can pray on them multiple times a day. Some gods ask you to get into awkward and uncomfortable poses–such as kneeling, which can be very uncomfortable for older people. Some gods want you to perform unnatural acts–such as singing. (For most people, singing is an unnatural act. Have you heard most people sing? Anyone who’s ever heard me sing agrees it’s as unnatural as things can get.) Some gods want you to wear funny or uncomfortable costumes. Some gods tell you who you can associate with, or who you can marry, or what sexual positions you can or cannot use. Worst of all, some gods tell you to kill or otherwise persecute people you don’t even know.

Polly is informal. If it’s uncomfortable, don’t do it. If you enjoy it and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, why not do it?

Other gods make outrageous promises.

Eternal life is one of the biggest. They love to promise you that. Of course, that’s only after you die, once no one can prove it. Gods don’t promise you eternal life now. It’s too easy to prove them wrong.

Polly simply refuses to make promises she knows she can’t keep.

Other gods seem to be forgetful.

They need you to keep reminding them of things. You’d think they might remember little things like, say, having created the universe. But you have to keep reminding them of it whenever you talk to them, just in case it slipp;ed their mind.

Polly keeps better track of what she does.

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Some Reasons Why Polly Is Better Than All Other Gods Put Together

Other gods are braggarts.

Other gods claim credit for everything in the universe–often literally. They say they created it, they control it, they own it. You? You’re nothing! Less than nothing, really. They even claim credit for creating you, even though they know your parents had something to do with it. They’ll even quarrel with other gods about who’s responsible for what. The Xian god even denies the other gods exist, claiming he’s the only one and all the others are false. Can’t stand the competition, I guess.

Polly is much more modest. She’ll admit she was there to help get things in order–but she knows the creation was a rush job, and is nothing for anyone, god or mortal, to brag about.

Other gods are bullies.

Other gods tell you to do what they say, or else. If you don’t do things exactly the way they want you to, you’ll get punished in all sorts of nasty ways. You’d think, with them being so powerful and everything, it wouldn’t matter what you do. Hell, if they’re so powerful, why do they need you to do their bidding? But they insist you have to be their slave and do everything they want.

Polly doesn’t boss people around. She has her own stuff to do. If you want to help her, that’s cool. If not–well, it’s your life.

more reasons to come. lots more….

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